Manually Populating Datarows

I like using datarows and datatables as multi-dimensioal array structures. Their most common use seems to be iterating through datatables, but you can also populate them as you would an array but with strongly typed values. This is a demonstration of populating a datarow with a combination of datareader, datarow and direct assignment. I have encapsulated it in a function to avoid using public variables.

Function GetOrderData(ByVal rAccount As DataRow, ByVal rOrder As DataRow) As DataRow

Dim strErrorMessage As String
Dim intExitCode As Integer
Dim StartDate As Date
Dim EndDate As Date


Dim strConnectionString As String = “Server=DBSERVER;Database=DB;User ID=Program;Password=Password;Trusted_Connection=False”
Dim myConnection As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(strConnectionString)

Dim myCommand As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(“usp_sel_Query”, myConnection)
Dim mySqlReader As SqlDataReader

‘Get original account info
myCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
myCommand.Parameters.Add(“@ID”, rAccount.Item(“ID”))

mySqlReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader

While mySqlReader.Read()

If IsDBNull(mySqlReader(“Collected”)) Then rOrder.Item(“Collected”) = 0 Else rOrder.Item(“Collected”) = mySqlReader(“Collected”)
If IsDBNull(mySqlReader(“EndDate”)) Then EndDate = Nothing Else EndDate = mySqlReader(“EndDate”)
rOrder.Item(“CustomerID”) = rAccount.Item(“CustomerID”)
rOrder.Item(“OrderDate”) = rAccount.Item(“OrderDate”)
rOrder.Item(“AccountDate”) = rAccount.Item(“AcctAssign”)
rOrder.Item(“Orders”) = 1 + 5
rOrder.Item(“Package”) = rAccount.Item(“Package”)

End While

Loop While mySqlReader.NextResult()


GetOrderData = rOrder

Catch ex As Exception
strErrorMessage = ex.Message
intExitCode = Err.Number()


If intExitCode <> 0 Then

MsgBox(“Error ” & intExitCode & ” occurred for CustomerID ” & rAccount.Item(“CustomerID”) & “. ” & strErrorMessage, MsgBoxStyle.OKOnly + MsgBoxStyle.Critical)

End If

End Try

End Function

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